BvBBI Welcomes the European Year of Skills

More investment in education and training, the acquisition of skills relevant to the labor market, recruitment of third-country nationals: With the European Year of Skills 2023, the EU Commission is declaring war on the shortage of skilled workers in Europe. On October 12, it took up Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's proposal to declare 2023 the European Year of Skills.

Three-quarters of companies in the EU report difficulties in finding qualified workers and only 37 percent of adults regularly continue their education. Four in ten adults and one in three workers in Europe lack basic digital skills. As early as 2021, 28 occupations - from construction and healthcare to engineering and IT - were complaining of labor shortages. The EU Commission proposes to work with all partners in the EU to give new impetus to lifelong learning.

"The EU initiative is a right step to counter the shortage of skilled workers in Europe. The BvBBI will provide comprehensive support for the initiative," emphasizes Richard Schottdorf in response to the Commission's announcement.