The Bundesverband Berufsbildung International (BvBBI) e.V.

The Bundesverband Berufsbildung International (BvBBI) e.V. is the industry association of actors in international vocational education and training cooperation. The members of the association are in particular associations, educational and vocational training institutions, consulting companies and research institutes.

For more than 10 years, the Bundesverband Berufsbildung International (BvBBI) e.V. has been committed to international educational cooperation and actively promotes international understanding, knowledge transfer, and the understanding of political and economic conditions in different regions of the world.

The BvBBI is committed to a policy of partnership with the global south and wants to support people to lead a self-responsible life - regardless of their origin, religion or ideology. 

The aim of the association is to improve the quality of education, training and vocational training programs worldwide.